Science Students working on projects

Science Department Overview

  • From kindergarten through graduation, app Public app’s science students strive to make sense of the physical world around them. Instruction is steeped in the four core areas of science – physical science, life science, earth/space science, and engineering. Using the New Jersey Student Learning Standards as their template, our teachers create lessons that challenge students to build understanding by explaining everyday phenomena that they observe.

    app Public apps prepares students to be well-informed consumers of information and data so that they will be prepared for post-secondary experiences in college and/or career.

    At the Elementary level, students receive an introduction to all grade-appropriate aspects of science from genetics to engineering.  Through various experiences, both live and virtual, students have opportunities to apply what they have learned.

    In Middle app, students continue their learning through classroom experiences, digital interactions, and a myriad of other relevant resources as they become available. Student learning is used to answer real-world questions and solve real-world problems.

    High app students have a wide array of opportunities for scientific study. In addition to our core sequence of college-preparatory courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; students can take elective courses in Robotics and Engineering, Forensic Science and Anatomy and Physiology. Students also have the option of higher-level challenges such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics C.


  • Supervisor of Science (K-12)

    Gary Frankel

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