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Social Studies Department Overview

  • Within the context of the app Public apps Social Studies program, students demonstrate a willingness to achieve via the setting of high levels of learning expectations put for by the district curriculum and in conjunction with current NJSLA Standards. Moreover, the said program encourages pupils to critically think in a developed and creative manner, while staying versatile, curious, focused, with sensitivity towards their peers, teachers, and administrators, all of which, allows the individual student to evolve academically and socially as a person in a fun and safe academic environment.

    The Social Studies program also supports such individual pupil ambitions with a robust curriculum program K-12, designed to have pupils reach their full potential and aspirations in life. Additionally, the Social Studies discipline prepares students to become informed and active citizens to participate and engage constructively in a democratic society and the political process.


  • Supervisor of Social Studies (K-12)

    Thomas Kuehn

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